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We can help you move from a life of just surviving to a life that is Thriving!
The Mission of the Way of Wellness: To provide information and encouragement to help rescue human beings from: lifestyle diseases, poverty,abuse, mental defeat, apathy, social isolation,human trafficking, despondency and spiritual bankruptcy.


The Way of Wellness is a 501(c)(3) organization
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Traci's BLOG

Director & Founder, Traci Lawrence
Traci has been bi-vocational for over twenty years, 
working in the fields of social services, mental health 
and physical fitness. She founded The Lighthouse- A Healing 
Place. This is a shelter for women and children who are homeless 
or victims of abuse. Her desire is to use the wisdom from this work 
experience to help others on their journey to develop: good physical 
health, financial stability, mental wellness, thriving relationships and 
a strong and trusting relationship with their Creator.

Check out Traci's book, The Way of Truth To A Life of Wholeness
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